Sennheiser 502816 Headphones User Manual

PX 100-II
A musical all-rounder, the
PX 100-II supra-aural mini
headphones let you enjoy your
personal favourites at any time
on your portable player. Their
dynamic, open ear cup design
allows for a natural sound
reproduction with a strong
bass. These robust, steel-
reinforced headphones can also
be folded easily, thanks to their
unique fold and flip design.
Once folded, you can simply
place them into their
convenient soft carrying case.
Open design for natural sound reproduction
Single-sided cable for convenient handling
Steel-reinforced headband for high durability
Fold and flip: registered design – Allows the ear cups to be turned 90°
and the headphones folded towards the headband (headphones will
lock in open and closed positions)
Convenient carrying case included
Optimised for portable audio –
Including MP3, iPod, iPhone, CD players and portable media players