Sennheiser 09917 Headphones User Manual

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Headphones wireless
RS 110
Publ.: 15.01.2004
Cat. No. 09917
The RS 110 is an open, supra-aural wireless RF headphone system.
Its transparent and well-balanced sound with great bass response
makes this system an ideal choice for all types of music and TV
applications. Enjoy total freedom of sound without a physically
restricting cable at an affordable price. The ideal entry into the
cordless world of sound.
Recommended Accessories
Additional RF wireless
headphones (without
transmitter) in 864 and 926
MHz available in
Feb/March 04:
HDR 120 (Art. Code
009930 and 009931)
Open, stereo, supra-aural, wireless RF headphone
Detailed, analytical sound reproduction with strong
bass response
Perfectly suitable for all types of modern music and
TV applications
"Wireless freedom of sound" with reception through
walls and ceilings, even outside in the garden
Range of up to 100 metres
Three selectable RF channels
Control elements conveniently positioned to provide
easy, intuitive operation
Very lightweight headphones, extremely comfortable
to wear
Appealing, modern design
AAA batteries included; rechargeable NiMH
batteries & standard charger can be purchased
separately (Non-Sennheiser accessories)
2-year warranty
Technical data
Max. Sound pressure
level (aktiv)
106 dB
Power supply
9V DC (transmitter); AAA
batteries (receiver)
Weight (Transmitter)
Weight (Receiver)
230 g (inc batteries)
up to 100 m
FM Stereo
Signal-to-noise ratio
> 65 dBA
RF frequency range
863 ... 865 MHz or 926 ...
Dimensions (Transmitter)
85 x 110 x 133 mm
Frequency response
22.....19500 Hz
Transducer principle
dynamic, open
Operating time (Battery)
approx. 20-25 h
THD, total harmonic
< 0,7 %
Jack plug
3,5mm / 6,3 mm stereo
(863-865 MHz), cinch
(926-928 MHz)