Blackberry PRO-35 Headphones User Manual

OWNER’S MANUAL — Please read before using this equipment.
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Pro-35 Stereo Headphones
Your RadioShack Pro-35 Stereo Head-
phones combine the latest in headphone
technology with lightweight portability. They
deliver maximum detail and high end clarity,
making them perfect for portable compact
disc players. A two-layer oxygen-free voice
coil and a NdFeB (Neodymium) magnet keep
distortion at a minimum.
The headphones’ extra wide headband of-
fers improved comfort during extended use.
: Turn down the volume on your
sound source before connecting the head-
1. Plug the headphones into the sound
-inch stereo headphone jack.
2. Put on the headphones, then adjust the
headband for a comfortable fit.
3. Adjust the sound source’s volume to the
desired listening level.
Once you adjust the sound source’s vol-
ume, use the headphones’ volume con-
trol (located on the cord) for minor
To protect your hearing, follow these guide-
lines when you use headphones.
Set the volume to the lowest setting
before you begin listening. After you
begin listening, adjust the volume to a
comfortable level.
Do not listen at extremely high volume
levels. Extended high-volume listening
can lead to permanent hearing loss.
Once you set the volume, do not
increase it. Over time, your ears adapt
to the volume level, so a volume level
that does not cause discomfort might
still damage your hearing.
Traffic Safety
Do not wear headphones while operating a
motor vehicle or riding a bicycle. This can
create a traffic hazard and could be illegal in
some areas.
Even though some headphones let you hear
some outside sounds when listening at nor-
mal volume levels, they still can present a
traffic hazard.