RCA RP5620 CD Player User Manual

AM/FM CD Clock Radio – A great AM/FM CD clock radio with a multi-color
LCD display
Multi-Color LCD Display – Large backlit display for easy readability. Select
from 4 different color choices
Digital / Analog LCD Display – User can choose between digital or analog
Line-In – Connect your mp3 player to the audio input jack and then sit back
and enjoy your music
Digital Frequency Readout – Digital active radio station readout displayed
for current station. Also makes it easy to locate a specific frequency quickly
Auto Time Set – Simply plug in the clock radio and the current Eastern
Standard Time (EST) is displayed. Flip the switch to select your time zone
Dual Wake – Individual wake time indicators allow for two different alarm
settings for two different users. Each wake setting is indicated
Programmable Snooze – Turns off the alarm or radio for an extra 9 minutes
of sleep or can be programmed for 1-30 minutes; you can snooze up to 2
Programmable Sleep – Plays the radio for up to 2 hours before automatically
turning off the radio, allowing the user to gently fall asleep to music
Nap Function – Allows the user to set a quick alarm for a short
interval of sleep without disturbing the alarm settings. Set for
10-minute increments up to a total of 2 hours of naptime
Preliminary Spec