Radio Shack STS 800 Speaker User Manual

Cat. No. 40-4068
STS 800 8-Inch Three-Way Tower Speaker
Your Optimus STS 800 8-Inch Three-
Way Tower Speaker is a three-way
acoustic suspension speaker that uses
an 8-inch vacuum-formed polypropy-
lene woofer that yields excellent low-
end response and tight, clean bass. A
5-inch polypropylene midrange pro-
vides accurate midrange response,
and a
-inch Mylar
dome wide dis-
persion tweeter provides clear and nat-
ural high-frequency sound
The speaker cabinet is solid in con-
struction and finished in genuine wood-
grain vinyl.
The decorative grille is acoustically
You need speaker wire (not sup-
plied) to connect your speaker. Please
read through this entire manual before
you connect your speaker.
To prevent the cabinet from warp-
ing or discoloring, do not place the
speaker where it is exposed to
direct sunlight or excessive humid-
Do not place the speaker where it
might be knocked over or hit by
falling objects.
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