Radio Shack PRO LX7 Speaker User Manual

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Cat. No. 40-4063
PRO LX7 Bookshelf Speaker
Your PRO LX7 Bookshelf Speaker’s
internal elements were exclusively de-
signed to maintain shape through all
phases of operation, move diaphragm
elements with efficient speed, and
faithfully reproduce high frequencies.
The 7-inch driver is specially designed
to accurately produce all sonic infor-
mation from 45 Hz to 2 kHz. The pli-
able diaphragm in the 3-inch
driver can accurately produce sonic in-
formation from 2 kHz to 25 kHz with
extraordinarily low distortion. The
tweeter’s unique design means there
is virtually no physical limitation to its
production of high-frequency sound.
The speaker cabinet is finished in
black woodgrain vinyl. The black cloth
grille is acoustically transparent, and
you can remove it for safe and easy
This speaker gives you amazing music
reproduction in a small enclosure. It
produces high sound quality with very
low distortion, and actually delivers de-
creasing distortion as the sound
moves to the higher frequency ranges.
Its features include:
Optimus True Line Source Driver
uses a pliable diaphragm to reduce or
eliminate distortion caused by excess
vibration. It also can reproduce higher
frequencies (over 20 kHz) without be-
ing limited by its physical construction.
h-Compliance Woofer
— accu-
rately tracks signals to provide out-
standing bass.
Acoustic Desi
— provides broad,
smooth frequency response.
For the best stereo image, place a pair
of speakers so the distance between
them is about the same as the distance
between the listening area and the
point halfway between the speakers.
If you must place the speakers farther
apart, turn them slightly inward. If you
must place them closer to each other,
turn them slightly outward. Experiment
with your speakers’ placement to dis-
cover the best location for them.
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