Pioneer XV-DV272 Home Theater System User Manual

Additional information10
Storing discs
Avoid leaving discs in excessively cold, humid,
or hot environments (including under direct
sunlight). Don’t glue paper or put stickers onto
the disc, or use a pencil, ball-point pen or other
sharp-tipped writing instrument. These could
all damage the disc.
Discs to avoid
Discs spin at high speed inside the player. If a
disc is cracked, chipped, warped, or otherwise
damaged, don’t risk using it in your player —
you could end up damaging the unit.
This unit is designed for use with conventional,
fully circular discs only. Pioneer disclaims all
liability arising in connection with the use of
shaped discs.
DVD Video regions
All DVD Video discs carry a region mark that
indicates which region(s) of the world the disc
is compatible with. Your DVD system also has
a region mark (on the rear panel). Discs from
incompatible regions will not play in this
player. Discs marked ALL play in any player.
When you insert a disc that cannot be played
on this player, one of the following messages is
Incompatible disc region number
Can’t play disc
Installation and maintenance
Hints on installation
We want you to enjoy using this system for
years to come, so please bear in mind the
following points when choosing a location:
Use in a well-ventilated room.
Place on a solid, flat, level surface, such as a
table, shelf or stereo rack.
Use in a place exposed to high temperatures or
humidity, including near radiators and other
heat-generating appliances.
Place on a window sill or other place where the
system will be exposed to direct sunlight.
Use in an excessively dusty or damp
Place directly on top of an amplifier, or other
component in your stereo system that becomes
hot in use.
Use near a television or monitor as you may
experience interference — especially if the
television uses an indoor antenna.
Use in a kitchen or other room where the system
may be exposed to smoke or steam.
Use on a thick rug or carpet, or cover with cloth
— this may prevent proper cooling of the system
Place on an unstable surface, or one that is not
large enough to support all four of the system
unit’s feet.
Cleaning the pickup lens
The DVD player’s lens should not become dirty
in normal use, but if for some reason it should
malfunction due to dust or dirt, consult your
nearest Pioneer authorized service center.
Although lens cleaners are commercially
available, we do not recommend using them
since some may damage the lens.
Problems with condensation
Condensation may form inside the player if it is
brought into a warm room from outside, or if
the temperature of the room rises quickly.
Although the condensation won’t damage the
player, it may temporarily impair performance.
Leave it to adjust to the warmer temperature
for about an hour before switching on. 40 ページ 2008年2月28日 木曜日 午後1時24分