Pioneer XV-DV272 Home Theater System User Manual

Getting started02
to load a disc.
Load a disc with the label side facing up, using
the disc tray guide to align the disc (if you’re
loading a double-sided DVD disc, load it with
the side you want to play face down).
(play) to start playback.
If you’re playing a DVD or Video CD/Super VCD,
a menu may appear. See DVD-Video disc
menus and Video CD/Super VCD PBC menus on
page 13 to navigate these.
If you loaded a disc containing JPEGs, a
slideshow will start. See Playing a JPEG
slideshow on page 18 for more on this.
If a disc contains a mixture of DivX video/
WMV and other media file types (MP3, for
example), first select whether to play the
DivX video/WMV files (DivX/WMV) or the
other media file types (MP3/WMA/JPEG/
MPEG-4 AAC) from the on-screen display.
4 Adjust the volume.
Use the VOLUME +/– control.
Basic playback controls
The following table shows the basic controls on
the remote for playing discs.
You can find
other playback features in chapter 4.
Resume and Last Memory
When you stop playback of a disc, RESUME
shows in the display indicating that you can
resume playback from that point.
With DVDs and Video CD/Super VCDs, even if
ejected, the play position is stored in memory.
The next time you load the disc, the display
shows LAST MEM and you can resume
If you want to clear the resume point, press
(stop) while RESUME is displayed.
1 You may find with some DVD discs that some playback controls don’t work in certain parts of the disc.
Button What it does
Starts/resumes normal playback.
If the display shows RESUME or
LAST MEM playback starts from the
resume or last memory point (see
Resume and Last Memory below).
Pauses/unpauses a disc.
Stops playback or cancels the resume
function (if the display shows
Press to start fast reverse scanning.
Press to start fast forward scanning.
Skips to the start of the current track or
chapter, then previous tracks/chapters.
Skips to the next track or chapter.
Use to enter a title/chapter/track
number. Press
ENTER to select.
• If the disc is stopped, playback starts
from the selected title (for DVD) or
track (for CD/Video CD/Super VCD).
• If the disc is playing, playback jumps
to the start of the selected title (VR
mode DVD-R/-RW), chapter (DVD-
Video) or track (CD/Video CD/Super
2 • The Resume and the Last Memory functions may not work with some discs.
• For DVD-Video discs (except VR mode DVD-R/-RW), the player stores the play position of the last five discs.
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