Pioneer V2550E Home Theater System User Manual

(7) Focus adjustment
NOTE)Focus VR has already been adjusted when this unit is shipped from the factory.
Ask our servicemen if the Focus VR needs to be adjusted.
Input Signal
Cross hatch
Adjusting Point
Focus control (VR1) of
lens assembly attached
to the replaced CRT as-
sembly and the focus
variable resistor
Adjusting Method
Move the lens assembly left and right and optimize
the focus.
Rotate the focus VR and optimize the focus.
Adjust the lens assembly and focus VR repeatedly.
NOTE 1: Perform the adjustment below again only af-
ter adjusting the blue focus.
Turn the blue focus VR counterclockwise and
set so that the blue is slightly thick but does
not stick out (about 10 to 12 mm for cross
hatch outermost vertical lines of 40 inches,
about 13 to 15 mm for 50-inch lines).
Generally the focus VR should be turned by
about 10 degrees.
NOTE 2: The adjustment can be performed without re-
moving the rear panel by inserting a screw-
driver into the hole in the rear panel. The blue
(B) hole is marked. (See the diagram below.)
Rear panel Adjustment hole (B on left)
Rear panel