Pioneer DVR-560H-S Stereo Receiver User Manual

Auto Start Recording Function for External Input
Pioneer DVD recorders come with the
Auto Start Recording Function which
links with the timer of the connected
set top box. The DVD recorders can
automatically start and stop recording
by detecting the signals from the set
top box such as a satellite tuner.
Super High Quality XP+ Recording Mode (DVR-660H, DVR-560H)
The DVR-660H and DVR-560H feature XP+ recording mode, which can
make high-grade recordings to the HDD with a transfer rate of around 15
Mbps. The mode lets you store programmes from external components in
superb quality.
USB Connections (DVR-660H, DVR-560H)
These DVD recorders offer various input and output options via USB
connection. You can connect to HDD camcorders, digital cameras,
printers, keyboards, and PCs through the USB port on the front
panel. Two types (A & B) of terminals are available depending on your device.
With Pioneer's PHOTO + MUSIC MIX, you can
enjoy JPEG slide shows on your display
accompanied by your favourite music from files
stored on the HDD. An ideal function for parties
and various other occasions.
Video Playback
Pioneer DVD recorders play DivX
videos burned
on a CD-R/RW/ROM disc. DivX
is a popular media
technology including digital video, which ensures
a high compression rate and fast transfer speed without
appreciably compromising the picture quality. Create a DivX
movie on your
PC, burn it to a disc, and play it on the Pioneer DVD recorders.
* DivX, DivX Certified, and associated logos are trademarks of DivX, inc. and are
used under license.
Connect PC via USB (DVR-660H, DVR-560H)
Using a USB connection, you can easily copy WMA, MP3, JPEG, and even
DivX files from your PC archive to the DVD recorder's HDD. You can play
the stored files by the Home Media Galley function.
* File transfer available with Windows Media Player 11 installed PCs.
Home Media Gallery (DVR-660H, DVR-560H)
With the Home Media Gallery function, you can easily playback files
stored on the HDD. Direct keys for the Home Media Gallery are available,
providing easy access to most recently recorded DivX file, JPEG files, and
Linear PCM/MP3/WMA files.
250 GB Hard Disk Drive + DVD Recorder
Video Recording Features
sMaximum 711 hours of recording (MN1)
on 250 GB HDD
sDVD multi format compatible
• Advanced Variable Bit Rate Recording for
optimum picture quality
• High-speed copy (HDD to DVD, DVD to HDD)
Video Playback Features
• 108 MHz/12-bit D/A converter
• Dual PureCinema Progressive Scan
s1080p upscaling with HDMI output
sOfficial DivX Certified product
sPAL/NTSC 3D Y/C Separation
• Dual System
Audio Features
s192 kHz/24-bit audio D/A converter
sWMA/MP3 playback
sDigital Jukebox
sConnect PC via USB (DivX, JPEG, MP3,
sHome Media Gallery
• Disc Navigator
• Quick Preview
• Help function
with Music)
sUSB terminal
si.LINK (DV) terminal
• HDD sleep mode for reduced noise during
DVD/CD playback
† Plays all versions of DivX
video (including DivX
6) with standard playback of DivX
media files.
Pioneer High Performance DVD Recorders with Built-in HDD
DVD Multi Disc Recording and Playback
In addition to DVD-RAM* and DVD+R/RW, Pioneer DVD
recorders are compatible with Dual Layer DVD-R and Double
Layer DVD+R, letting you record and playback a wide
selection of discs. No need to worry whether your discs are
usable on the DVD recorder.
* For DVD-RAM playback, please take the disc out of the cartridge before use.
HDMI Interface (DVR-660H, DVR-560H)
These Pioneer DVD recorders feature HDMI
(High Definition Multimedia Interface), an
industry-supported, uncompressed, all-
digital audio/video interface. Connect the
DVD recorder with our A/V receiver and flat screen TV, for example, and
HDMI's all-digital signal processing gives you superior pictures and sound
— with no loss. It does this by allowing transmission of both audio and
video signals with no D/A or A/D conversion, through easy single-cable
connection. The DVR-660H and DVR-560H feature 1080 digital output, to
deliver pictures in the highest resolution.
By connecting these DVD recorders with a compatible Pioneer flat screen
TV, KURO LINK lets you operate the basic functions such as power on/off,
playback, and recording, with only the flat screen TV's remote control.
Connect Your Digital Camcorder (DVR-660H, DVR-560H)
Connect your digital video camcorder through the DV-In
terminal, and discover how simple it is to view and organize
your home movies. When you import video, Auto Chapter can
automatically divide footage into chapters for quick access to
your favourite scenes. You can edit footage any way you like
using the easy-to-follow GUI — changing sequences or selecting only
desired scenes — and copy the results to DVD. The remote control is all
you need to navigate through functions on both the camcorder and the
DVD recorder.
* "i.LINK" and "i.LINK" logo are trademarks. Can be connected to video DV decks
and DV camcorders (some models are not compatible).
On-screen Help
Operating a DVD recorder has never been this easy. When
you are not sure what to do, just press the HELP button
on the new user-friendly remote control. A pop-up
message will appear on your screen to guide you through
the next steps of the menu.
Disc Navigator
Finding recorded programmes is easier than ever. Just scroll
through the thumbnails (with sound) of the videos. Choose
between 4 titles or 8 titles display mode.
* Not available after finalization of DVD-R/RW discs (Video mode).
Quick Preview
You can select programmes recorded on the hard disk drive (HDD) from
the Disc Navigator, to see a one minute preview. See digests of recorded
programmes at your fingertips.
3D Noise Reduction (Component Frame DNR)
Independent noise reductions are applied to Y, P
, P
signals to create
noise-free high-quality pictures.
PAL/NTSC 3D Y/C Separation Circuit
The DVR-660H and DVR-560H carry the world's first PAL 3D Y/C
separation circuit. It eliminates cross-colour artefacts and dot crawls to
deliver superior picture quality.
Quick Preview
Recorded Programme
1 minute
Large Capacity in Various Recording Modes
Recording Mode
Double Layer DVD+R
DVR-660H DVR-560H DVR-340H DVR-660H/DVR-560H/DVR-340H
XP+ 36 H 23 H
XP 53 H 34 H 17 H 1 H 1.8 H 1 H 1 H 1 H 1.8 H 1 H
SP 106 H 68 H 34 H 2 H 3.5 H 2 H 2 H 2 H 3.5 H 2 H
LP 212 H 136 H 68 H 4 H 7.1 H 4 H 4 H 4 H 7.1 H 4 H
EP 319 H 204 H 102 H 6 H 10.7 H 6 H 6 H 6 H 10.7 H 6 H
SLP 425 H 272 H 136 H 8 H 14 H 8 H 8 H 8 H 14.3 H 8 H
SEP 532 H 340 H 170 H 10 H 10 H 17.9 H 10 H
MN1 711 H 455 H 227 H 8 H* 14 H* 8 H* 13 H 13 H 24 H 13 H
These figures are approximations.
Up to 999 titles can be recorded on HDD. Up to 99 titles can be recorded on a DVD-R/RW/-RAM disc. Up to 49 titles can be recorded on a DVD+R/+RW disc.
For DVD-RAM playback, please take disc out of the cartridge before use.
Recording Time
* These figures are for MN4 recording mode
Since introducing the world's first DVD recorder in 1999, Pioneer has been leading the digital revolution in home entertainment. Now,
the highest resolution DVD recorder and HDD are combined into one — becoming a universal archive for audio as well as visual
entertainment. These state-of-the-art systems will open a new world to your home entertainment.
4 Titles Display 8 Titles Display
More ClearConventional
Digital Camera/
HDD Camcorder
(Type A)
(Type B)
DVR-660H / DVR-560H
3D Y/C
Key File Formats