Pioneer AVIC-N1 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Renewed Points through this
If you upgrade your navigation system by this
disc, the system will have the following change;
Renewal Map database
The Map database will be changed.
Wide variety of facility informa-
tion for Points of Interest (POI)
You can search your destination from all areas.
– Approximately 11 million POIs are included in
this database as of January 2005.
– Some POI information may not be accurate or
may become inaccurate through the passage of
time. Please directly contact the POI to verify the
accuracy of the information about the POI which
appears in this database. POI information is sub-
ject to change without notice.
Change zone name
Appearance changing (except
for AVIC-D1)
The appearance of the navigation menu and AV
menu will change as follows:
Navigation menu
AV menu
Renewed POI icon
Some facilities icons used in POI Search, Vicin-
ity Search, and Overlay POI will be changed.
Renewed Points for AV Source
Source icon
The icon design for each source will be changed.
Some of “ESC” touch key
(except for AVIC-D1)
The name of the touch key will be changed from
ESC” to “HIDE”.
Renewed point in the MP3 oper-
ation screen (except for AVIC-
The folder icon has will be added to the “UP
touch key.
The file extension (.mp3) will be displayed after a
track in the track list display and detail Informa-
tion display. (The extension may not be displayed
if the file name is long.)
How to Upgrade Your Naviga-
The program is installed to the navigation system
using the application disc. When installing the
program, you carry out the following operations.
When all the setup procedures are completed,
you can use the navigation system.
The screen images used in this section are AVIC-
N2 as an example.
1 Park your vehicle in a safe place.
Leave the engine on, and make sure that the
parking brake is applied.
2 Remove the current disc.
Press the EJECT button.
Press and hold the OPEN/CLOSE button
to open the LCD panel and then press the
3 Insert the new Pioneer DVD Map Disc
into the appropriate slot.
When the upgraded program has been found,
installation of the program starts immediately.
If you cannot insert a disc completely or if
an inserted disc is not recognized, check
that the label side of the disc is up. Press
the EJECT (or DVD-ROM EJECT) button
to eject the disc, and check the disc for
damage before inserting the disc again.
Once the installation of the program starts,
do not stop the engine of your vehicle nor
switch off the navigation system until the
installation is completed and the following
Audio screen appears.
4 Press the NAVI/AV button to change the
navigation screen.
(If you use AVIC-D1, press the MAP but-
5 Touch “Yes/Oui”.
When you start the navigation system for the
first time, you will see a confirmation message
asking if you wish to select another language.
English is the default language of the naviga-
tion system. If desired, you can select another
language as shown.
To keep English, touch “No/Non”. After
this, proceed to Step 8.
When you want to select another lan-
guage, touch “Yes/Oui”, and proceed to
the next step.
6 Select the language from the list.
Touch the language you want to use.
The language selected here is reflected for
the navigation functions (e.g., Destination
search, etc.) only.
Installation of the program, in the language
you chose, begins.
When the installation is complete, the open-
ing display appears.
7 Press the NAVI/AV button to change the
navigation screen.
(If you use AVIC-D1, press the MAP but-
Some time is needed until navigation is ready.
8 Check the details of the cautionary mes-
sage and touch “OK”.
9 To set the time difference, touch “+” or
The time difference between the time origi-
nally set in the navigation system (Pacific
Standard Time) and the current location of
your vehicle is shown. If necessary, adjust the
time difference. Touching “+” or “” changes
the time difference display in one-hour incre-
ments. The time difference can be set from
+3 to –3 hours.
10If necessary, set to summer time.
Daylight Saving Time (DST) is off by default.
Touch “Summer Time” to change the time if
you are in the daylight saving period. This
turns the display below summer time “On”.
11To complete the setting, touch “Back”.
The map of your surroundings appears.
Time difference