OEM Systems none Speaker System User Manual

Mission Impossible
Kevlar is an amazing fibrous material developed by
two DuPont research scientists in 1965. The
technology developed by Stephanie Kwolek and
Herbert Blades proved to be stronger, more durable
and lighter than any other material available. Kevlar
is 5 times stronger than steel of the same weight.
These unique properties lend Kevlar to a wide
variety of applications. As you may know, one of
first and most well known applications is for bullet-
resistant vests used by law enforcement as well as
the military because of the superior bullet stopping
power it provides without adding weight and
restricting movement.
Products made with DuPont's Kevlar–from
loudspeaker cones and protective apparel to
automotive parts and ropes used on the Mars
Pathfinder–do more, go farther, last longer, and do
the impossible.