NHT -9993 Speaker System User Manual

90 Watt Powered Speaker
Setup Guide
NHT's SuperPower 90 watt powered speaker
represents our best efforts to date in active
loudspeaker design.
Use this Setup Guide to help you unpack,
connect and place them your new SuperPower
speaker. If you are interested in more information
about these and other NHT speakers, please visit
our website at , you will find
complete owner's manuals and other tips to make
the most of your installation. If at any time during
or after setup you require personal assistance,
feel free to call our Customer Hotline at 1-800-
NHT-9993 (800-648-9993).
Satisfaction and Warranty
We hope you enjoy the sound of your NHT
Classic speakers as much as we do. Warranty
terms and conditions and service procedures
varies by country of purchase. For USA and
Canadian customers (and any worldwide
customers who make their purchase from the
NHT Web Store) please refer to the NHT website
for warranty details and service procedure. If you
bought from an NHT Authorized Dealer in North
America, think about registering your purchase
(and warranty) with us - not necessary for
customers who purchase directly from the NHT
Web Store. For other countries, please refer to
the dealer and distributor in your country for
warranty terms, warranty registration and service
needs – you can find them at www.nhthifi.com.
Once again, if you have any questions or
problems, please call us at our Consumer Hotline
- 800-NHT-9993, or help@nhthifi.com.