Kicker 10TC104 Speaker User Manual

Hemispherical Polymineral Cone with Inverted Structural Dome™
(ISD) means high rigidity under pressure for accurate linear control, low enclo-
sure pressure loss to reduce "pump-down", high internal dampening, and excel-
lent sunlight, pollution and moisture resistance
Double-Stitched Surround prevents cone/surround separation at
high excursions
Blackened Pole Piece maximizes heat transfer for long voice coil life
Extended Pole Piece allows cooler operation for superior power handling
and magnetic field linearity around voice coil gap for enhanced control
Vented Pole Piece relieves low bass-robbing pressure under the center dome
Extended Backplate prevents damaging voice coil "bottoming"
Perimeter Venting for measurably lower operating temperature and freer
cone motion
Hi-Temp Kapton® Voice Coil Former protects against warped, rubbing
voice coils
Long-Throw Voice Coil for enormous cone excursion capabilities
High Power Lead Wires resist lead breakage and reduce power robbing
resistance losses
Congratulations! You have just purchased one of the most flexible subwoofers yet
from KICKER. Your Comp sub is designed to give you great bass performance in a wide
variety of applications. These installations instructions will help you get the most out of
your new KICKER sub. Thanks for buying KICKER. Enjoy!