Infinity OVTR 1 Speaker System User Manual

Compositions Overture OVTR 1 – Owner’s Manual
The dark grey metallic finish does not require any routine maintenance. When needed,
use a soft cloth, dampened with water only, to remove any fingerprints or to wipe off
dust. Clean the grille by gentle vacuuming or with a damp cloth.
NOTE: Do not use any cleaning products or polishes on the cabinet or grille.
For maximum acoustic transparency, the grille uses a lightweight structure that needs to
be handled with care for removal. To remove the grille, gently pull on the corners to
unfasten the frame from the cabinet. To replace it, make sure to align the frame pins first
and then gently snap the frame into place. Never force the grille frame onto the cabinet.
Bass is too loud Bass reinforcement Move speakers away
in room from walls
Bass level is too high Rotate BASS control
toward “1” (see page 8)
Bass sounds Subwoofer amplifier Turn down volume
distorted has reached maximum control on receiver
output or preamplifier
Bass level on preamp/ Set bass and treble flat;
receiver is set too high use controls sparingly
Distortion with Defective receiver or Repair defective
volume control preamplifier; shorted receiver or
near minimum speaker wires preamplifier
Distortion on music Dynamic sound track Turn down master
or effects peaks causes subwoofer volume control to
(e.g., pops or noise) to “bottom” out lower overall range
Tone controls Set bass and treble flat;
are set too high use controls sparingly
Buzz, hum, or Connecting wires Connect wires only
crackle when with power on causes when audio system
connecting wires transient signal spikes power is off
No sound from Power cord not Connect AC power cord;
system; power LED not on connected; no AC power speaker check AC outlet
Blown fuse Check or replace fuse
(see page 8)
*If you need further assistance, contact your local Infinity retail dealer.
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