Kenwood 2022V CD Player User Manual

— 5 —
About CDs
Handling CDs
Don’t touch the recording surface of the CD.
CD-R and CD-RW are easier to damage than
a normal music CD. Use a CD-R or a CD-RW
after reading the caution items on the
package etc.
Don’t stick tape etc. on the CD.
Also, don’t use a CD with tape stuck on it.
When using a new CD
If the CD center hole or outside rim has burrs,
use it after removing them with a ball pen etc.
CD accessories
Don’t use disc type accessories.
CD cleaning
Clean from the center of the disc and move
Removing CDs
When removing CDs from this unit pull them
out horizontally.
CDs that can’t be used
CDs that aren’t round can’t be used.
CDs with coloring on the recording surface
or that are dirty can’t be used.
This unit can only play the CDs with
It may not correctly play discs which do not
have the mark.
•A CD-R or CD-RW that hasn’t been finalized
can’t be played. (For the finalization process
refer to your CD-R/CD-RW writing software,
and your CD-R/CD-RW recorder instruction
CD storage
Don’t place them in direct sunlight (On the
seat or dashboard etc.) and where the
temperature is high.
Store CDs in their cases.
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