Kenwood 2022V CD Player User Manual

— 19 —
Removing the hard rubber frame
2 When the lower level is removed, remove the upper two
The frame can be removed from the top side in the same manner.
1 Engage the catch pins on the removal tool and remove the two
locks on the lower level.
Lower the frame and pull it forward as shown in the figure.
Removal tool
Removal tool
Screw (M4X8)
Removing the Unit
4 Lower the removal tool
toward the bottom, and pull
out the unit halfway while
pressing towards the inside.
Be careful to avoid injury from
the catch pins on the removal
5 Pull the unit all the way out
with your hands, being
careful not to drop it.
1 Refer to the section “Removing the hard rubber frame” and then
remove the hard rubber frame.
2 Remove the screw (M4 × 8) on the back panel.
3 Insert the two removal tools deeply into the slots on each side,
as shown.
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