Kenwood 2022V CD Player User Manual

— 15 —
[4]/ [¢] buttons
Doing track forward and backward.
[DISC+]/ [DISC–] buttons
Doing album forward and backward.
[38] button
Each time the button is pressed the song pauses and plays.
[#0] — [#9] buttons
When in <Direct Track Search> (page 13) and <Direct Album
Search> (page 13), enter the track/disc number.
In Disc source
[FM]/ [AM] buttons
Select the band.
Each time the [FM] button is pressed it switches between the
FM1, FM2, and FM3 bands.
[4]/ [¢] buttons
Tune up or down band.
[#0] — [#9] buttons
Press buttons [#1] — [#6] to recall preset stations.
In Tuner source
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