Jabra GN9350 Headphones User Manual

Wireless VoIP and desk telephony
USB Headset for
Microsoft® O ce Communicator 2007
The Jabra GN9350 is a dual-function wireless
headset for both VoIP and traditional telephony,
providing all the bene ts of handsfree mobility in a
lightweight, ergonomic and future-proof design.
Superb Sound Quality
The Jabra GN9350 wireless headset signi cantly
enhances the user’s experience with Microsoft® O ce
Communicator 2007. Its impressive 6.8 kHz audio
bandwidth is more than twice that of conventional
telephony! Not only does wideband sound give the
feeling of a true “face-to-face” conversation, it also helps
increase productivity because users can hear every
detail the  rst time.
The Jabra GN9350 makes everything sound better.
State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
technology removes impurities from the incoming
signal, enriches sound quality and maintains a safe,
consistent volume level. The Jabra GN9350’s sleek boom
arm with noise-canceling microphone means the user’s
voice is always transmitted clearly.
Desk telephony and VoIP
The dual function of the Jabra GN9350 means users
can expand or change their telephone system from
traditional desk telephony to VoIP without having
to purchase new headsets. This makes the GN9350 a
uniquely future-proof investment.
Pure wireless freedom
Intuitive and easy to use, the Jabra GN9350’s
sophisticated LCD display lets users set call parameters,
such as volume and audio output, to suit their individual
preference. It also expands users’ communications
potential with a wireless range of up to 300 feet,
conference call capability and, with an optional hot-
swappable interchangeable battery, around-the-clock
talk time.
Plug and play
The Jabra GN9350 headset works with Microsoft® O ce
Communicator 2007 without requiring any additional
software, including drivers. Just plug the headset into
the PC USB port.