Jabra C350 Headphones User Manual

Internal Antenna
USB Connector Port
Insert data cable.
Right Soft Key
Perform functions
identified by right
display prompt.
Menu Key
Open a menu
when you see
in the display.
Power/End Key
Press & hold to
power phone on
& off.
Press & release to
end phone calls,
exit menu system.
Send/Answer Key
Make and answer
calls; press in idle
to see recent
dialed calls.
Navigation Keys
Scroll through lists,
set volume.
Left Soft Key
Perform functions
identified by left
display prompt.
Microphone Headset Connector
Power Connector Port
Insert charger.
Your C350 phone lets you change covers and keypads (see
page 23). Your phone may not appear exactly as the phone image
Note that all key locations, sequences and functions remain the
same with any of the various covers.
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