Jabra BT8030 Headphones User Manual

*Requires Bluetooth connection
First ever combined Bluetooth® speaker
and headphones
Up to 8 hours music streaming.
Up to 240 hours standby time.
Connect a mobile phone and music device at
the same time*
Unique design easily transforms from
headphones to speaker mode
Zirene® POWER BASS software for great
audio sound
Jabra BT8030 is like no other. Never before has
Bluetooth technology been combined in such a
dynamic and innovative manner.
For those on the move, Jabra BT8030 oers
complete exibility - wherever you are and
whatever you are doing.
Listen to music from your mobile phone, PC or
media player* in headphone or speaker mode.
All the traditional features of a Bluetooth headset
are present, plus the in-built microphone oers
speakerphone capability.
With Zirene® POWER BASS software, Jabra BT8030
oers a rich and full sound.
This is a must have product for music lovers on
the move. Once you’ve used it, you’ll wonder how
you ever lived without it!
Jabra BT8030