Jabra BT2050 Headphones User Manual

Make a call
• Whenyoumakeacallfromyourmobilephone,thecallwill
(subject to phone settings) automatically transfer to your
headset. If your phone does not allow this feature, tap on the
Reject a call *
• Presstheanswer/endbuttonwhenthephoneringstorejectan
incoming call. Depending on your phone settings, the person
who called you will either be forwarded to your voice mail or
you will hear a busy signal.
Activate voice dialing*
• Presstheanswer/endbutton.Forbestresults,recordthevoice-
dialling tag through your headset. Please consult your phone’s
user manual for more information about using this feature.
Redial last number *
• DoubleTaptheanswer/endbuttonwhentheheadsetisonand
not used.
Adjust sound and volume *
• Tapthevolumeupordowntoadjustthevolume.
• Tomute,pressbothvolumeupanddownatthesametime.
A low beep alert plays during a muted call.
• Tounmute,pressbothvolumeupanddownatthesametime.
Call waiting and placing a call on hold*
This lets you put a call on hold during a conversation and answer
a waiting call.
• Presstheanswer/endbuttononcetoputtheactivecallonhold
and answer the waiting call.
• Presstheanswer/endbuttontoswitchbetweenthetwocalls.
• Taptheanswer/endbuttontoendtheactiveconversation.