Jabra 2400 Series Headphones User Manual

Q How long is tHe warranty on tHe Headset?
A GN Netcom provides a 3-year warranty on all headsets in
the Jabra BIZ 2400 Series.
Q can tHe Boom arm Be rotated all tHe way round?
A The patented FreeSpin boom arm is actually designed so
that it can be rotated through more than 360 degrees,
with no hindrance. In addition to making the headset
more comfortable to use, this helps prevent breakages and
Q wHat kinds of accessories are availaBle for JaBra
BiZ 2400 Headsets?
A The range of accessories and replacement parts includes
ear cushions, neckband, headband, ear hooks, and ear gels.
Q is tHere a JaBra BiZ 2400 Headset witH Built-in
A Yes. The Jabra BIZ 2400 USB version has Bluetooth built
in. This enables you to connect the headset to your PC and
your mobile phone at the same time.
Q does tHe JaBra BiZ 2400 usB work witH all
A The USB adaptor works with both PCs and Macs. Simply
plug it into the USB port on the computer and the headset
is ready for use. Drivers for leading softphones can be
downloaded free from www.jabra.com/pcsuite. A special
plug-and-play version with integrated controls for
Microsoft Office Communicator is also available.
The USB adaptor also works on some Linux computers, but
it may be necessary to download special drivers. However,
GN Netcom does not support this capability.
Q wHat is tHe difference Between tHe microsoft oc
variants and tHe standard variants?
A The OC variants have buttons that only support
Microsoft Office Communicator. They feature a special
hook button that interacts with the Microsoft Office
Communicator software, making it possible to exploit
these functionalities to the full. An OC variant can be
used in conjunction with other software as well as for
conventional headset use, but the hook button will not
Q How do i pair my BluetootH moBile pHone and my
JaBra BiZ 2400 usB Headset?
A Make sure the headset is in pairing mode. This is indicated
by a blue light. Consult the instructions in the user
manual for your particular mobile phone, to make sure it is
also set up in pairing mode.
Q wHy can’t i Hear anytHing in my Headset?
A Make sure you have selected the headset as an audio
device in the appropriate control panel on your computer
and also in the software you are using.
Q wHy doesn’t my computer detect tHe Headset,
even tHougH it’s plugged in?
A Try to insert the headset cord and connector into a
different USB port.
Q wHy doesn’t my computer automatically toggle
Between tHe Headset and my moBile pHone, for
A You can always select the headset as your default audio
device manually.
If you are using a PC:
1. Go to the control panel on your computer
2. Open the Sound and Audio Devices menu. Once the cord
from the headset is inserted, you can select the headset as
your default device for sound playback and recording
(it should appear as Jabra BIZ 2400).
3. Press Apply and then press OK.
If you are using a Mac:
Go to System Preferences on your computer. Once the cord
from the headset is inserted, you can select the headset
for output and input in the Sound menu, under Hardware.
For more details about Jabra BIZ 2400 Series visit www.jabra.com
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