Harman-Kardon SoundSticks III Speaker System User Manual

Step 5. Plug power cord into
power adapter.
Step 6. Plug power adapter
into subwoofer.
Step 7. Plug power cord into
wall receptacle.
Step 8. Push power ON/OFF
button. Unit is on when LED
is lit. Push the subwoofer
volume knob/power ON/
OFF button. Unit is on
when the LED is lit. Use the
subwoofer volume knob
to balance the subwoofer’s
volume with that of the
Step 9. Adjust volume level
by touching + or – button.
Touching both the + and –
buttons mutes the audio.
When muted, touching
either button unmutes the
Symptom Possible problem Solution
No sound from subwoofer, only
No sound from satellites, only
High frequencies sound dull.
Subwoofer volume control set at
Satellites not connected to
Satellites not positioned properly.
Rotate subwoofer volume control clockwise until relative volume
level is appropriate.
Check connection of satellites to subwoofer.
Position and tilt (angle) loudspeakers toward listener. The sound from
the satellites is very directional due to the four-element linear array
This product is intended to be supplied by a listed direct plug-in power unit marked “Class 2” and output rated 16V DC minimum 1.5 A.
Easy Setup Guide
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