Harman-Kardon HD-SAT520 Stereo Receiver User Manual

Cordero Studios
Like an honest
sage wandering in a wilder-
ness of liars, Harman/Kardon stead-
fastly refuses to hype their power specs.
Sure, like many other manufacturers, the com-
pany offers a 100-watt-times-seven receiver, but that
model lists for $1,999 and isn’t the one that concerns us
here. The AVR 325 is rated at a mere 50 watts times seven. Hey,
you! Stop. Who said you could turn the page? Before you dismiss this
$899 receiver as a decadent wimp, stop to consider that Harman/Kardon
arrived at this power rating by driving all seven channels at once. Scan similarly
Inside Gear Guide:
• Harman/Kardon AVR 325 A/V Receiver
• Samsung SIR-TS160, Zenith HD-SAT520,
and Sony SAT-HD200 HD DirecTV Tuners
50 watts. 7.1 channels. $899.
Just a few of the numbers to watch
when you check out the AVR 325.
by Mark Fleischmann
www.hometheatermag.com • Home Theater/
June 2003