Harman-Kardon HD 990 CD Player User Manual

Table of Contents
2 Typographic Conventions
3 Introduction
4 Information
4 Unpacking
5 Front Panel Controls
6 Rear Panel Connections
7 Remote Control Functions
9 Installation
10 Operation
10 Loading and Unloading Discs
10 Normal Play
11 Display Dim
11 Time Display
11 Disc Info
12 Search
12 Skip
12 Folder
12 +10/-10
12 Input/Source Selection
13 Programmed Play Operation
13 Programmed Play
13 Checking Program Contents
13 Clearing Programs
14 Repeat Play
15 Troubleshooting Guide
16 Technical Specifications
Typographic Conventions
In order to help you use this manual with the remote control, front panel controls and rear panel
connections, certain conventions have been used.
EXAMPLE – (bold type) indicates a specific remote control or front panel button, or rear panel
connection jack.
EXAMPLE – (bold type) indicates a message in the front panel information display.
1 – (number in a square) indicates a specific front panel control.
a – (number in an oval) indicates a button or indicator on the remote.
¡ – (number in a circle) indicates a rear panel connection.
Declaration of Conformity
We, Harman Consumer Group International
2, route de Tours
72500 Château-du-Loir,
declare in own responsibility, that the product described
in this owner’s manual is in compliance with technical
EN 55013:2001+A1:2003
EN 55020:2002+A1:2003
EN 61000-3-2:2000
EN 61000-3-3.1995+A1:2001
EN 60065:2002
Jurjen Amsterdam
Harman Consumer Group International
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