Harman-Kardon CDR 26 CD Player User Manual

Power for the Digital Revolution.
How to Make Recordings Using the
Harman Kardon CDR 26
There are 5 ways you can make recordings using the CDR 26
CD Recorder
1. Dub an exact copy of an entire CD or a single track using just the two decks of the CDR 26.
2. Dub part or all of a CD, MiniDisc or other compatible external digital source from another machine into the CDR 26
using CD Sync.
3. Dub a compilation or mix of one or more CDs using the two decks of the CDR 26.
4. Make a recording from an external analog source, such as a radio, a turntable, or a cassette deck.
5. Make a recording from an external digital source, such as a CD player,DAT machine or MiniDisc player.
This Guide will explain how to make these recordings. You should have already connected your CDR 26 to a receiver or other audio
component by following the instructions in the owner’s manual.
Note: Make sure that your blank CD-R or CD-RW discs all have
the words “Digital Audio” in their Compact Disc logos, as the CDR 26 cannot use computer data recordable discs.
If you prefer to follow these directions using the remote rather than the front-panel controls, remember to first select the deck you
want to control by pressing the CDP button to select the Play deck, or the CDR button to select the Record deck.
1. Dub an exact copy of an entire CD or a single track using
just the two decks of the CDR 26
Step 1: Insert a blank CD-R/RW disc into the Record deck (the right drawer, with the word “Recordable” in the Compact Disc logo
on the door).
Step 2: Insert the source CD into the Play deck (left drawer).
Step 3: Wait for the track and time information for each deck to appear in the display after the CDR 26 has read and identified
each disc.
Step 4: To dub a single track, use the Next or Previous button to select the track you wish to copy.
Step 5: For a high-speed dub (two or four times as fast as the regular playback speed), press the Speed button to change the display
to “x2” or “x4”.
Step 6: Press the Dubbing button and wait for the track and time data to appear in the Record deck display. If you have selected a
high-speed dub and you wish to monitor the dub, make sure you have turned your receiver’s or amplifier’s volume down to
prevent possible damage to your equipment from the high-pitched sound of the playback.
Step 7: Press the Play/Select button on the Record deck side, and the CDR 26 will begin recording the dub.
Step 8: When the recording has ended, wait until the track and time information for both decks reappears in the Information Display.
Step 9: Before you can play your newly recorded disc in another CD player you MUST finalize it to complete the recording process. First
press the Finalize Button. The Record Indicator will light and
FINALIZE will flash in the Information Display. Within eight
seconds press the Play/Select Button.
A TOC WRITE N:NN message will appear.The N:NN part of the message is a
countdown clock that will show the time remaining in the finalization process. When the display counts down to
0:00 and the
Record Indicator goes out, the Information Display will return to its normal indications and the finalization process is complete.
The disc is now ready to be played in any compatible CD or DVD player.