GN Netcom OPG-1N Headphones User Manual

GN Netcom/Unex Optima-G Documentation
How to Use the OPG-1N Monaural Headset
This page contains instructions for adjustment of the headset for
proper fit which is important to obtain optimum sound quality.
A: Receiver with foam cover
B: Microphone boom arm
C: Microphone with foam cover
D: Adjustable StayPut™ headband
E: Support plate
1. The OPG-1N headset can be worn on the right or left ear. Simply rotate the
microphone boom down from the headband in the desired orientation. When
changing the OPG-1N headset to be worn on the opposite ear, rotate the micro-
phone boom up towards the headband and over to the other side. DO NOT
rotate the microphone boom past the built-in stop points.
2. Put on the headset so that the headband rests lightly on your head. The head-
band can then be easily adjusted for proper fit.
3. Adjust the flexible microphone boom so that the noise canceling microphone is
" (approximately the width of your finger) below and away from
your lower lip.
4. Adjust the position of the clothing clip and affix it to your clothing for comfort-
able, neat wearing.
5. Plug the GN Netcom Quick Disconnect into the Quick Disconnect on the
GN Netcom brand amplifier or bottom cord that plugs into your phone. Place
and receive calls according to the amplifier or telephone instructions.
Note: The OPG-1N headset is provided with foam covers over the receiver and
microphone which can be replaced if they become soiled. The replacement part
numbers are:
(#416413) Foam receiver cover for Optima-G headsets
(#416376) Foam microphone windscreen for Optima-G headsets
Contact your GN Netcom/Unex distributor for replacement prices.
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