Gemini UX-16 H Headphones User Manual

The UX-16 is a compact lightweight 16 band switchable UHF wireless microphone receiver, available in three types of packages: Microphone, Headset &
Lavalier. With professional features, the UX series transmitters & receivers are simple to use,
making them the perfect addition for any DJs first or second wireless microphone experience.
UX-I6 m, H, & L
PRofessional UHF wireless system
UX-16 is available with XM-16 handheld microphone or
XB-16 belt pack transmitter with HSM-2 or LAV-1 microphones
16 band UHF synthesizer controlled frequencies with easy to
use four-way dip switches
Phase locked loop (PLL) circuitry
Super high sensitivity with extremely low noise transmission &
Stable & quality SMT assembled PCB module
Convenient squelch control
XM-16 has a uni-directional dynamic microphone
XB-16 is equipped with a mic/line switch for instruments etc.
HSM-2 & LAV-1 have an electret condenser unit microphones
Contact your local sales rep for pricing and stock enquires.
Model Number: UX-16 M, UX-16 H, UX-16 L
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LAV-i lavalier has
a condenser
XB-i6 transmitter
with screw-in
1/8” mini plug
easy to change
channels with
4 dip switches
hsm-2 headset
with a condenser