Garmin 190-01030-02 Satellite Radio User Manual

51 Installation Instructions
The Garmin GXM 51 XM
antenna provides XM WX Satellite Weather
information and XM
Satellite Radio
for your existing NMEA 2000
network. If you do not have an existing NMEA
2000 network on your boat, you will need to install one. For more information about NMEA
2000, visit
The GXM 51 antenna must be properly installed according to the following instructions.
You need the appropriate fasteners, tools, and mounts listed in each section. These items
are available at most marine dealers. Always wear safety goggles, ear protection, and a dust
mask when drilling, cutting, or sanding. When drilling or cutting, always check what is on the
opposite side of the surface.
Contact Garmin Product Support if you have any questions while installing or using your
GXM 51. In the USA, go to, or contact Garmin USA by phone at
(913) 397-8200 or (800) 800-1020.
See the Important Safety and Product Information guide in the product box for product warnings and other
important information.
Product Registration
Help us better support you by completing our online registration at
For future reference, write the serial number assigned to your GXM 51 in the space provided. It
is located on a sticker on the back of the device.
Serial number
In addition to the device serial number, unique ID numbers are associated with your GXM 51.
XM Satellite Radio uses these ID numbers to activate and deactivate your XM weather and
XM audio. To locate the ID numbers on a Garmin NMEA 2000-compliant chartplotter, select
Congure > System > System Information.
For future reference, write the XM WX Weather ID and XM Radio ID assigned to your
GXM 51 in the spaces provided.
XM WX Weather ID
XM Radio ID
November 2009 190-01030-02 Rev. D Printed in Taiwan