COBY electronic CX-CB12 Radio User Manual

Operating Instructions
Battery Operation
1. Open the Battery Compartment cover.
2. Insert 2 "AA" size (National UM-3 or equivalent)batteries into the Battery Compartment, making sure that the batteries are installed in the designated
numerical order and that the proper polarities (+ and -) are maintained.
To prevent possible damage to this unit:
* Load new batteries with their polarities (+ and -)aligned correctly.
* Do not apply heat to batteries, or internal shortcircuit may occur.
* If this unit is not to be used for a long period of time , remove all batteries and store them in a cool and dry place.
* Remove spent batteries immediately and dispose of them.
* Do not use old and new batteries together. Also never use an alkaline battery with a manganese battery.
* Battery life
If the sound become low or distorted, replace all the batteries with new ones.
1. Slide the Power Switch to turn radio on, adjust the Volume Knob to desired sound level.
2. Slide the Band Selector to the band in which the program you want is being broadcast.
3. Adjust the antenna. (Refer to "Antennas" )
4. Tune in your favorite station using the Tuning Control. When tuned in correctly, the Tuning indicator will light up.
5. After use, slide the Power Switch to OFF.
* When the broadcast are weak or the batteries have been exhausted, the Tuning indicator may not light up even if the sound is still audible
through the speaker.
* The Tuning Indicator may come on by mistake when using the unit near a TV receiver (which has switched on) or near a fluorescent lamp.
Pull out the Telescopic Antenna and adjust its length and angle for optimum reception.
AM :
The sensitive ferrite care antenna inside the set will provide excellent AM reception in most areas for optimum reception, turn the set in the
direction which gives the best results since the ferrite care antenna is directional.
Extend the Telescopic Antenna fully keep it vertical.
Listening with the Earphone
Plug the earphone into the Earphone Jack, the Speaker in the radio is automatically disconnected when the plug is inserted.
* Adjust the Volume to lower level so as not to injure your ear.
* If the set is not used for a long period of time, remove all the batteries to prevent potential damage due to possible battery leakage.
* Do not subject the set to a temperature of over 60 C ( 140 F ) because characteristics of the internal parts may be adversely affected by heat,
especially never leave the set in a car exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time with the doors and windows closed . The cabinet may
become deformed and deterioration of the performance may result.
* Since a strong magnet is used for the speaker, keep magnetized commuter passes , tickets or personal credit cards, recorded tapes, watches
etc. away from the radio. The speaker magnet in the radio may damage them.
* Do not place the set near strong magnets such as those used in radio, television sets, speaker boxes etc. as these may cause the frequency to
* Do not drop or give the set a strong impact since the set is composed of precise parts.
* When listening in a train car or building, use the radio near a windows to obtain the best possible reception. Reception may be difficult in a tunnel
or subway. Also note that operating the radio on a metal object may adversely affect reception.
* Do not use benzene thinner or any abrasive powder to clean the cabinet , wipe it with a soft cloth moistened with a mild soap and water solution.
* Avoid spray-type insecticides, some insecticides contain chemicals that could cause cabinet dlormation.
Power Source: two AA size/UM-3 batteries (DC 3V)
Frequency Range:
FM: 88 - 108 MHz
AM: 530 - 1710 kHz
SW1: 4.65 - 5.20 MHz
SW2: 5.60 - 6.25 MHz
SW3: 7.10 - 7.60 MHz
SW4: 9.10 - 10.20 MHz
SW5: 11.27 - 12.30 MHz
SW6: 13.26 - 14.10 MHz
SW7: 15.05 - 15.70 MHz
SW8: 17.20 - 18.15 MHz
SW9: 21.20 - 22.28 MHz
Speaker: 4 0.25W
Power Output: 200mW (RMS. Max.)
Output Jack: Earphone 32
* Design and Specifications are subject to change without notice.
30x20CM 80