Clarion FM200 Radio Antenna User Manual

1. Find a suitable location for the On / Off switch 
Be sure that it is within easy reach of the driver
and can be operated safely from the seated position.
NOTE: The On/Off switch requires a flat surface at 
least 3/4" in diameter for mounting, with 1" rear 
clearance. The switch is provided with 36" of wire - 
take this into account when selecting a location, or 
you will have to extend the switch wires.
2. Connect the RCA inputs to the audio source.
3. Connect the male antenna connector to the car radio's 
FM antenna input, and the female connector to the car 
NOTE: Some vehicles may require antenna 
adapters (sold separately).
4. Connect the Black wire to chassis ground.
5. Connect the Red wire to accessory +12V.
NOTE: Connecting to accessory +12V will ensure that 
the FM modulator turns off when the ignition is turned 
off. Connecting this wire to +12V Constant may cause 
battery drain issues, and is not recommended.
Set-up and Testing
1.Set the Frequency Select switch to either 88.7 or 89.1. If a local radio
station uses the first frequency selected, use the other frequency.
2.Switch the On / Off switch to On ( the "I" position).
3.Turn on the car radio and tune to the frequency selected in Step 1.
4.Turn on the audio source connected to the FM Modulator. This audio 
source should now be heard over the vehicle speakers.
5.Set the level matching control so that the volume level over the 
speakers is the same as when listening to radio stations. If loud 
passages sound distorted, lower the Level Matching Control setting.
Installation Instructions
10-FM200-00 (Rev. A) 2001 Clarion Corporation of America
On/Off Switch
Red Wire
Black Wire
RCA Input from
Audio Source
To Accessory +12V
Selector Switch
To Car
To Car Radio
Antenna Input
Matching Control
On/Off Switch
Plug-in Port
Chassis Ground
User Guide and Product Data Sheet
Operating Voltage:  14.4V DC Nom.
(Operating Range 10.8 to 15.6V DC)
Max. Current Consumption:  200mA
Operating Frequencies: 88.7, 89.1 FM
Fuse rating (in Fuse/Filter box): 2A AGC
Parts List:
(1) FM Modulator Main Unit with integrated harness.
(1) On/Off Switch with integrated harness.
The Clarion FM200 is a two-channel stereo FM modulator with selectable FM frequencies, variable gain, and a remote on/off
switch. It allows the addition of auxiliary audio sources to any FM radio (even those lacking auxiliary inputs). It can be used
with DVD players, videocassette players, MP3 players, and more.
To use the FM200:
1) Turn the On/Off switch to the On position
(This is the position with the "I" icon).
2) Turn on the radio and select the FM band.
Tune in either 88.7 or 89.1 (your installer can
advise you which frequency setting is being
used in your installation). Once you determine
the correct frequency, it is a good idea to store
the frequency using one of your radio's preset
3) Turn on the auxiliary audio source (VCR, DVD,
MP3 player, etc.) and begin playback. The sound
from the source unit should now be audible over
your speakers.
4) To return to standard radio use, turn the On/Off switch
to the Off position (this is the position with the "O" icon).
On position
Off position
On/Off Switch
10-FM200-00 (Rev. A) 2001 Clarion Corporation of America