Clarion CMV1 Stereo Receiver User Manual

CEA 2006 Power Ratings
17W × 4RMS [4@14.4V 1% THD+N]
S/N 77dB (Ref:1W into 4)
Watertight Marine DVD/CD/USB
Receiver / CeNET Control
Water is a marine source unit’s world enemy, and salt can
be a nightmare. Our CMV1/CMD6 source units have been
IPX5 tested and certified to offer the highest water intrusion
protection and salt resistance. Rubber gaskets stop water in
its tracks, with integrated drainage channels to keep water
Engineered to Withstand Water and Salt
Should any water get behind the panel, the stainless
steel chassis, along with an integrated drip shield over the
main harness connector, helps protect internal circuitry from
the effects of moisture, corrosion and mildew.
Stainless Steel for Toughness on the Inside
and DivX
Ready • MP3, WMA and iTune
Compatible with ID3-TAG Display • Official DivX
Certified product • Plays all versions of DivX video
(including DivX 6) with standard playback of DivX
media files • 18 FM/ 6 AM Presets • USB Audio for
iPod (Rear) • 24-Bit D/A Converter • BBE MP for
Compressed Audio Sound Improvement • Watertight
Flip-down control panel with 3.5-inch TFT Color
LCD Monitor • SAT Ready • 6ch RCA Audio Output,
and 2 Video Outputs • RCA Video Input • 50W x
4 Built-in Amplifier • Built-in IR Eye • Bluetooth
Interface Ready (Optional BLT370) • Meets ASTM
B117 <Salt/Fog Exposure> • Meets ASTM D4329
<UV Exposure> • HumiSeal Coated PCB • Sealed
Stainless Steel Chassis • iPod Video Control (Optional
CCA723) • Fixed Audio Output • New Wired Remote
Control (Optional MW1/2) Ready • Sirius SSP Direct
Connection • XM Satellite Radio Ready • Wireless
Remote Included
Digital Video — The Newest Wave in Marine Entertainment
• BBE MP Process
3.5 Monitor f
or Comfortable Viewing
The large 3.5 monitor allows easy viewing of a variety of
digital audio/video sources. Playback and enjoy DVDs, DivX
encoded discs, as well as iPod Video. Enjoy the latest wave
in marine entertainment — the same digital sources you like
to enjoy on land!
Comprehensive Audio and Video Entertainment
CMV1 is Clarion’s first model in the marine category to offer
visual entertainment capabilities. It is compatible with a wide
array of formats such as DVD and DivX for audiovisual, and
WMA/AAC and MP3 for your audio pleasure. It’s able to offer
a comprehensive AV entertainment experience.
MP for Better Sounding MP3/WMA/AAC Files
BBE MP (Minimized Polynomial Non-Linear Saturation) Pro-
cess improves digitally compressed sound such as MP3/
WMA/AAC by restoring the harmonics that are lost through
compression, thereby reproducing the warmth, details and
nuances that you would otherwise miss. BBE MP enhanced
harmonics even serve to make regular CDs sound better.
24-bit D/A Converter for Richer Natural Sound
Whereas the digital realm is made up of unnaturally square
sound waves, Clarion’s 24-bit D/A converter takes digital
signals and recreates the smoothly undulating sound waves
characteristic of the real-world environment.
Keep your cell phone or Bluetooth Audio enabled playback
device safe and sound in your pocket or purse while enjoying
crystal-clear sound through the optional BLT370 Bluetooth
Watertight Flip-down Face
reveals loading slot for CD
and DVD playback.
Direct USB conection for ipod
USB Connector even supports
playback of WMA/MP3/AAC files.
6ch Output for superior system
expandability and versatility.
• Manufactured under license from BBE Sound, Inc.
• Licensed by BBE Sound, Inc. under one or more of the following US patents : 5510752,
5736897. BBE and BBE symbol are registered trademarks of BBE Sound, Inc.
To connect iPod, please use the USB cable included in your iPod.
For video playback , optional CCA723 cable required
Please see the Clarion website for iPod models that can be connected.
• This Diagram shows only image for function of BBE MP
Sound You Can Sea
Get your boat rocking, with the great looks and sound of
Clarion’s watertight heavy-duty source units
and components. Engineered to take on the spray, salt and fog,
and just keep going. With innovative functions you’d expect
from Clarion. Make your next cruise a real splash,
and enjoy knots and knots of nautical entertainment.
(Remote Control)
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