Cary Audio Design CD 303T SACD CD Player User Manual

Following the tremendous success of the 303 line of CD players, the new Cary Audio
Design CD 303T SACD Professional Version includes the latest in SACD, HDCD and
CD playback technology. The CD 303T SACD Professional Version has been completely
redesigned from the ground up, modeling the tremendously successful CD 306 Pro.
HDCD decoding is accomplished within the new CD 303T using the absolute latest
available software. The redeveloped power supply boasts larger power transformers (and
more of them) plus higher current regulators creating stronger and higher current-
regulated power. For resolution greater than every other machine in its class, the CD
303T’s internal word clock frequency has been raised from 11.2896 MHz to 22.5792
MHz during SACD playback.
A new aluminum loader tray modeled after that of the CD 306 Professional Version adds
elegance and greater disc handling care. Four Burr Brown 1792u digital to analog (D/A)
converter chips run in a true balanced parallel offering an extremely low jitter D/A
converter. A word about jitter is in order. The master clock jitter is below measurable
levels, utilizing a digital buffer circuit. In other words, the data stream read from the disc
is stored in RAM buffer circuits and then released to the D/A conversion. This assures
that the component will deliver the sound accurately as it was intended.
Another very important feature of the new CD 303T SACD Professional Version is that
SACD playback stays in pure DSD format all the way to the analog outputs. It is not
converted to PCM in the CD 303T SACD Professional Version player. Another new
feature is that the superior D/A conversion section within the new CD 303T SACD
Professional Version may now be used as a stand-alone D/A converter with a choice of
three separate digital inputs. These include coaxial, Toslink and USB at bit depths and
sample rates up to 24/192 kHz.
The new CD 303T SACD Professional Version will up-sample a Redbook CD disc from
44.1 kHz to 96, 192, 384, 512 or 768 kHz to release all the information available from
your disc library. This is the fourth generation of the Cary Audio Design CD 303 series
of CD players. The Cary player simply gets the music across to you in a well balanced,
“grab you by the throat,” viscerally captivating way. Nothing stands out as being either
excessive or lacking. All without a hint of stridency, glare, grit, or other digital nasties,
often misinterpreted as detail and resolution. The Cary CD 303T SACD Professional
version is another true “tour de force” CD and SACD player in the Cary Audio Design
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