Cary Audio Design CD 303T SACD CD Player User Manual

Cary Audio Design warrants its merchandise to purchasers within the United States
exclusively for use within the United States of America. It provides no other warranties,
expressed or implied. If you are living outside the USA, please consult your local dealer
or distributor to determine the details of your local warranty.
In the event that the owner needs to return the unit to Cary Audio Design for service or
repair of a possible defect, he must follow the following steps:
1. Contact Cary Audio Design at 919.355.0010 to obtain a Return Authorization
(RA) number prior to shipping; include this number with the package.
2. Submit a copy of the original sales receipt; blank receipts will not validate the
limited warranty for service by Cary Audio Design. The original sales receipt
must contain the following information:
the authorized Cary Audio Design dealer’s name
the date of purchase
the unit’s sales price
the buyer’s name and address
3. Describe in detail the problem.
4. Note the unit’s model number and serial number.
5. Deliver by either of these methods:
With all freight and insurance charges prepaid and in its original packing
container or equivalent, ship the component to
Cary Audio Design
1020 Goodworth Drive
Apex, North Carolina 27539
Hand-deliver the product to Cary Audio Design (address noted above) or the
nearest authorized service facility.
Cary Audio Design
1020 Goodworth Drive
Apex, NC 27539
Phone 919.355.0010
Fax 919.355.0013