Cary Audio Design CD 303T SACD CD Player User Manual

If your Windows computer does not meet these minimum requirements, you may
experience lagging of audio and possible freezing of your computer during operation:
Microsoft Windows XP (with SP2) or Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft
Windows 7
Available USB 2.0 port (High speed for USB2.0)
Intel Pentium 4 processor or equivalent AMD Athlon processor
Motherboard with Intel or VIA chipset
5400 RPM or faster hard disc drive (7200 RPM or Faster with 8MB cache
256MB or more of RAM (512MB recommended)
To use the CD303T SACD Professional Version USB port efficiently on any computer, it
is important to install all the necessary drivers from the Cary Audio website. We advise
users to read all instructions carefully before beginning the installation process, as they
will be asked to disconnect and reconnect their CD303T SACD Professional Version.
Starting the PC Driver Installation:
1. Download the CARY USB Driver from
2. Unzip the CARY USB Driver.
3. Double click CARY USB setup.exe to begin the installation.
4. Click NEXT to install the CARY USB Driver on your computer.
5. Click INSTALL to begin the installation.
6. Click FINISH to complete the setup wizard.
7. Connect your USB cable from the component to your computer.
8. After connecting the component to your PC, the computer should make a tone
signifying that a new device has been connected.
9. The PC Driver installation is complete and the component can be used.
Apple computers can transmit a 24/192 kHz signal to the CD 303T over the optical inputs.
Most of the recent model Apple computers contain a mini optical digital audio output that
can transmit 24/192 kHz high-resolution audio files to the CD 303T.
However, a USB driver capable of accepting a 24/192 kHz signal has not yet been
created for Apple computers. Due to its sophistication and its ability to receive a 24/192
kHz signal, the USB input on the CD 303T was specifically written for Windows-based