Cary Audio Design CD-500 CD Player User Manual

Cary Audio Design would like to thank you for purchasing the new CD-500 player. The CD-500
is the latest in a series of optical disc players that use a specially selected
Read Only Memory (ROM) drive for reading the disc. The ROM drive allows multiple
passes to be made, ensuring that the correct data is recovered from the disc and improves the
standard Compact Disc's error-correction capabilities by a factor of 100. It also allows complete
buffering of the recovered data.
To ensure the lowest possible jitter in the digital circuitry, the CD-500 incorporates three buffers.
Two of these buffers are configured as ‘First In First Out’ buffers (FIFO). By the time the data is
passed to the Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) or to the
digital output,
the jitter is incredibly
low - in fact the CD-500 has the lowest jitter we have ever measured on a CD player - around 90
picoseconds, with the jitter spectrum held below
0.1 Hz.
The signal path includes proprietary design error correction and concealment, and Cary
Audio Design’s acclaimed 'Resolution Enhancement' DSP circuitry, in which the original
44.1 kHz, 16-bit audio is first expanded to 24 bits and then can be upsampled to 96, 192,
384, 512 and 768 kHz in one of three 190 Millions of Instructions Per Second (MIPS) processors
operating with 48-bit internal precision. This is 'true' DSP upsampling, unlike anything else
available in the marketplace.
The CD-500 incorporates HDCD decoding capabilities. It has 192kHz, 24 bit Burr Brown
1792u DAC chips in the critical digital to analog converter section. The CD-500 contains audio
grade Elna capacitors in the audio circuit for incredible bass, extremely musical midrange, and
extended highs.
Cary Audio Design firmly believes in high performance products that offer incredible value for
the money. With its leading edge technology, exceptional sound performance and ease of use,
the CD-500 offers exceptional performance in its class.
Thank you for your continued support.