Cary Audio Design CD-500 CD Player User Manual

1. POWER: Use to turn the power on and off.
2. PROGRAM: Preset tracks to be played by
keying in track numbers. When using PROGRAM
function, the player must be in STOP mode.
3. NUMBER: Use the number buttons to select a
track. Playback starts from the selected track.
4. TIME: Displays the remaining time of a track or it
displays the total remaining time of a disc.
5. STOP: Use to stop play.
6. VOLUME: Volume decrease for analog
7. PREVIOUS: Use to jump to the start of the
previous track.
8. BRIGHT: Use to select the player display
brightness level.
9. DELETE: Use to clear a program.
10. PAUSE: Use to pause and resume play.
11. FORWARD: Use to search for a passage.
12. PLAY: Use to start play.
13. REVERSE: Use to search for a passage.