Califone PA300 Plus Stereo Receiver User Manual

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Model PA300 Plus
1. Lightweight with built-in handle for easy mobility
2. Green LED light on front gives visual confirmation of power
3. Switchable power supply
4. Separate bass, treble controls for quality sound
5. Line output to additional speakers
6. Aux in and line inputs connect with LCD projectors,
multimedia players, computers and whiteboards
7. CE/C-UL approved safe for school, church, government uses
8. Accepts XLR / 1/4” mic inputs so two microphones can
operate at the same time
9. Rugged brass sunburst teeth for worry-free bracket MB350
mounting and guarantees speaker will not slip
Ideal for mobile presenters, classroom and athletic uses
Includes volume/mute remote control (not shown)
Warranty for school use - unlike some other audio products
purchased from consumer electronics stores whose warranties
would be voided if used in schoolsvoided if used in schools
PA300, April 2005
Rated Power Output: 30 watts RMS
Sensitivity for Rated Output: Line:125 mVrms
Microphone: 4 mVrms
Auxiliary: 250 mVrms
Frequency Response: 60 Hz – 20 kHz ± 3dB
Dispersion Angle: 90º H x 120º V
Speakers: Woofer: 5-1/4” High efficiency
Tweeter: 13mm mylar dome
Crossover: L/C – 6dB/Octave @ 4 kHz
Inputs: Line inputs (2):Hi-Z, RCA(summing L+R)
Balanced mic: Hi or lo-Z, with
phantom power (+15 volts D.C.)
Unbalanced mic:Lo –Z, 1/4”-phone
Auxiliary: Hi-Z Mono 1/4”-phone
Line Output: 250mv constant
AC Power Requirements: 110 – 125 VAC, 50/60 Hz or
208 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (HWD): 6.25” x 10” x 8.5”
Weight: 10 pounds, shipping weight 13 lbs.
Safety Ratings CE/C-UL approved safe for use in
school, business, church and
government facilities
Warranty 6 year from date of purchase
The PresentationPro is the first completely
portable PA system that provides flexibility
and power. It can be used as a single,
portable setup for on the go presentations
or installed in multiple classrooms.
“Project Intercept"
Please contact us immediately if you experience any
difficulties with your PA300 Plus. Our “Project Intercept"
customer service program will quickly repair or replace
items under warranty. Simply contact us via phone or
Visit our website at to learn more
about the complete line of wired and wireless Califone
headphones and other audio products including: Public
address systems, wireless microphone systems, group
listening centers,multimedia players and computer
peripheral products.
We are proud of helping teachers enhance student
understanding and achievements since 1947, with your
satisfaction as our first priority.
The PresentationPro carries a limited six-year warranty
and service support available through authorized dealers
International Inc. 800-722-0500