Califone 2050 Stereo Receiver User Manual

AV Tutor
Model 2050
1. Push menu button to navigate lessons and select chapter
2 Microphone and DC inputs on rear
3. Seven available cartridges supporting core reading skills
(see lower right hand corner of page 2)
4. LCD screen with adjustable brightness
5 Record function provides vocal mirror capability by capturing
up to 8 seconds of student responses
6 Play function allows for independent activity
7. Built-in electret mic won’t get lost (mic input on rear too)
8. Internal speaker directionally focuses the sound at the student
The AV Tutor
is designed to support
language learners by linking visible
letters on the screen with their audible
sounds. This repeated, multi-modal,
kinesthetic, visual and auditory rein-
forcement helps solidify mental
connections between the written and
spoken word. Since the AV Tutor is
similar in form to already popular
consumer devices, students will be
encouraged and motivated to use it.
The AV Tutor allows educators to
facilitate independent and differentiated
electronic learning of core reading
skills within classroom curriculum
through its seven available cartridge
programs. It can also be used by
students who are performing at or
below grade level, speech-language
therapies and ELD/ESL applications.
Enables students to work independently
Interactive, easy-to-use, digital, hand-held instruction
Easy to use cartridge-based modules
Animation with bright graphics and kid-focused content
Students are encouraged to use technology & form
function they are already familiar with
Students are encouragd by the immediate audio feedback
2050, January 2008
International Inc. 800-722-0500