Bosch Appliances EVF-1122S/94-FG Home Theater System User Manual

Single 12” Two-Way
90° x 40° Full-Range
Loudspeaker System
General Description: Technical Specifications:
Key Features:
Fully Weatherized Fiberglass Finish with Gland
Nut and Stainless Steel Grille
ND2B 2” (51mm) Diaphragm, 1.4” (36mm) Exit
Pure Titanium Compression Driver
SMX2121 12” (305mm) LF Transducer with Fully
Symmetric Drive
Advanced 4
Order Crossover Network with HF
Coverage Pattern: 90° x 40° Constant
12” Rotatable Waveguide
98 dB Sensitivity, 131 dB Maximum SPL
System Rating: 500W Continuous, (2000W Peak)
Active Rating: LF400W/HF40W Continuous
(1600W/160W Peak)
(22) M10 Threaded Suspension Points
The Electro-Voice® EVF-1122S/94-FG is a fully-weatherized, fiber-
glass-coated, high power, 2-way loudspeaker system that can be
used in a variety of applications where high quality sound reinforce-
ment is required in a compact, lightweight package.
The EVF-1122S/94-FG utilizes the ND2B, a high output 2” titanium
compression driver, coupled to a Constant Directivity™ 90° x 40°
waveguide. The SMX2121 12” woofer used FEA optimization for
motor, suspension, and electrical design for very low distortion,
high efficiency, and maximum intelligibility at high SPL levels. The
crossover uses steep 24 dB/octave slopes with equalization for
very smooth response in vocal range, linear off-axis response, and a
protection circuit for long term reliability.
The EVF-1122S/94-FG features make it ideal for many fixed install
applications, including applications with full exposure to outdoor
elements. The trapezoidal enclosure is constructed out of weather
resistant birch, and coated with fiberglass for maximum protection
from extreme outdoor elements. The unique acoustic and rigging
design allows for vertical and horizontal clusters to be built using
any combination of loudspeakers from the entire EVF & EVH Series,
with 7 horn patterns to choose from and an assortment of Low Fre-
quency and subwoofer loudspeakers, it gives you the tools to maxi-
mize flexibility of system design, no matter what the application and
budget. The innovative input panel provides phoenix style connec-
tors (included in all standard models) and gland nut cover plate (for
weatherizing applications). An externally accessible jumper selects
passive or active operation. An available 70.7/100 Volt transformer
kit simply mounts to the input panel for use in distributed systems.
All these features give you the flexibility to do a large range of ven-
ues in extreme enviroments with fewer items in inventory and quickly
support your customer’s requirements.
Half Space Measurement.
Freq. Response
(-3 dB): 118 Hz - 16 kHz
Freq. Range
(-10 dB): 58 Hz - 19 kHz
Rec. Hipass Frequency: 65 Hz
Axial Sensitivity: 98 dB (1W/1m)
Max. Calculated SPL: 131 dB
Horizontal Coverage: 90° (or 40°)
Vertical Coverage: 40° (or 90°)
Power Handling: 500W Continuous, 2000W Peak
LF Transducer: SMX2121, 12 in (305mm) Driver
HF Transducer: ND2B, 2 in (51mm) Diaphragm
Compression Driver
Crossover Frequency: 1450 Hz
Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
Minimum Impedance: 6.0 Ohms
Connectors: (2) 4 Contact 10 AWG Phoenix/
EuroBlock Style Screw Terminal,
Gland Nut with Input Panel Cover
Included for Weatherizing
Enclosure Material: 13 Ply Weather Resistant Birch,
Fiberglass Finish
Grille: 18 GA Stainless Steel with Hydropho-
bic Cloth and Rotatable Logo
Suspension: (22) M10 Threaded Points
Dimensions (H x W x D): 30.26” x 16.00” x 16.27”
(768.6mm x 406.3mm x 413.3mm)
Net Weight: 63.1 lb (28.6 kg)
Shipping Weight: 73.4 lb (33.3 kg)