Bogen DCM290P CD Player User Manual

Antenna Connections
Anyone who has installed a tuner inside
an industrial building knows that radio
signals don’t penetrate too far into these
steel-laced structures. Because the
TP30D is designed for industrial instal-
lations, it contains inputs for both exter-
nal 300-ohm (twin line) and 75-ohm
(coaxial) antenna feeds. The 75-ohm
input uses an “f” connector and is ideal
for receiving feeds from antenna distri-
bution systems or cable systems. For
convenience, the TP30D also provides a
built-in antenna that uses the AC line
cord as its antenna for those situations
that are less demanding.
Whether sitting on a shelf or mounted in
a rack, the TP30D is a great choice for an
industrial-grade tuner.
Output Connections
The DCM290P provides separate stereo
outputs via analog RCA connectors and
digital optical and coaxial connectors.
MP3/WMA Decoders
MP3/WMA decoders play finalized CD-
R/RW discs containing MP3 or WMA
audio files. A single CD-R/RW disc can
contain up to 10 times more tracks than an
ordinary audio CD. Installations requiring
long-play background music are excellent
applications for CD-R/RW discs contain-
ing a large number of MP3 files.
Playback Modes
Audio track selection can be configured in
a variety of ways for playback. Tracks can
be played back sequentially or randomly,
manually or programmed (up to 32 tracks)
from any one or up to five loaded discs.
Random playback functions include ran-
dom playback of tracks from one, all or
programmed tracks from the loaded discs.
Once all tracks are played back in random
order, "repeat playback" plays back the
same selected tracks in a different random
Intelligent Disc Scan
When using the remote control, the disc
skip button rotates the carousel tray
clockwise or counterclockwise when
searching for a disc for faster playback.
Rack Mount
This 5-Disc CD Player is capable of loading and removing discs without
interrupting play. Plays audio CDs as well as CD-R/RW discs with MP3
and WMA files. A rack mounting kit is included.
Product Features:
5-Disc CD changer
Load or remove discs without
interrupting play mode
Stereo output via analog RCA jacks
and digital output via coaxial and
optical jacks
Program up to 32 tracks from up to
five separate discs
MP3 and WMA decoders
Infrared remote control
3-mode random playback (full random,
program random, disc sequential random)
Includes rack mount kit (3 rack spaces)
UL and C-UL listed
CD Player
Power Requirements:
120V AC
17-1/8" W x 4-3/4" H x 15-3/4" D
(without Rack Kit)
Product Weight:
13 lb.
Power Requirements:
120V AC
10-1/2" W x 1-5/8" H x 7-1/8" D
Product Weight:
6 lb.
The TP30D is a compact, commercial-grade AM/FM tuner for background music
applications. The 18 FM and 12 AM station presets can be automatically scanned
to make finding a desired station quick and easy. Stations are tuned using
push-button controls and the backlit LCD display.
Product Features:
Provides background music on paging
systems and MOH for telephone systems
PLL-synthesized tuning for drift-free
Push-button controls
Large, easy-to-read backlit LCD station
frequency display (orange)
18 FM and 12 AM station presets
Automatic scanning of station presets
Stereo or mono operation
Excellent sensitivity, image rejection
and frequency response
Precise tuning and superior signal quality
Low hum, low noise, low distortion
75-ohm and 300-ohm antenna connectors
Includes FM dipole antenna and AM loop
Heavy-duty, commercial-grade construction
Rack-mountable (1 rack space) with an
accessory mounting kit
Output cables included
UL and C-UL listed
*This product is not covered by Bogen Limited Warranty. Please contact
Customer Service for warranty information on this product.