Bowers & Wilkins DM603 S2 Speaker User Manual

DM 6 0 3 S 2
F l o o r -standing loudspeaker system
Product Summary
The DM603 S2 is the entry level floor standing speaker in the 600 Series2. The speaker
comes into its own as a front speaker in larger Home Cinema installations and, as with
any model in the range, it is a superb monitor for 2-channel audio.
The 2
-way system uses a second bass-only driver to supplement the output of the upper
bass/midrange driver in the lowest octaves. This arrangement improves system power
handling and reduces demands on the bass/midrange driver, which in turn improves
midrange clarity.
Technical highlights
Nautilus™ Tweeter: B&W's Nautilus Tweeter technology ensures that the sound
remains focused and time-sensitive and that the stereo-image is presented with
unparalleled three dimensional accuracy.
Kevlar®: B&W developed and patented the method of using Kevlar® for
loudspeaker cones to reduce unwanted standing waves. DuPont originally
created Kevlar® for use in bulletproof vests.
B&W Loudspeakers Ltd reserves the right to amend details of the specifications without notice in line with technical developments. E & OE. All trademarks acknowledged.
Aw a rded the Home Cinema Speakers -
Best Buy Speaker Package along with the
601S2 and CC6S2
What Hi-Fi Aw a rds 1999
D e s c r i p t i o n
Drive units
F requency re s p o n s e
S e n s i t i v i t y
way vented-box system
1 x 25mm metal dome high-frequency
1 x 180mm woven Kevlar® cone
1 x 180mm paper/Kevlar® cone bass
48Hz – 20kHz ± 3dB on reference
90dB spl (2.83V, 1m)
Nominal impedance
Power handling
D i m e n s i o n s
F i n i s h e s
8 (min 4.3)
25W - 150W into 8 ohm on unclipped
Height: 850mm Width: 236mm
Depth: 306mm
Cabinet: Cherry or Black Ash Vinyl,
Grilles: Black cloth