Bowers & Wilkins ASW 650 Speaker User Manual

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ASW 650
The ASW650 has all the attributes of the ASW600,
but is more suited to larger rooms because
of its greater output capability, achieved by a
combination of a larger cabinet, driver and amplier.
In this case the driver is a 300mm (12 in) unit that
can go lower in the bass that its smaller sibling.
Its capabilities are fully exploited by the powerful
200W on-board amplier. Like all B&W subwoofers,
two or more units can be daisy-chained together
should even higher levels be needed.
Active closed-box
subwoofer system
Amplier power output:
200W continuous
Frequency range(-6dB):
20Hz and 180Hz
(not including feet)
H 417mm W 415mm D 495mm
H 16.4” W 16.3” D 19.5”
Frequency response(±3dB):
25Hz and 150Hz
25.5 kg / 56 lbs.