Audiolab 8000M Stereo Amplifier User Manual

a u d i o l a b
International Audio Group
IAG house,
Sovereign Court,
Ermine Business Park
Huntingdon, PE29 6XU
The 8000M provides a genuine 125W
power into an 8Ohm loudspeaker load,
and features twin output terminals for
It has parallel phono connectors making it
easy to connect several pairs of 8000Ms
to any pre-amplifier. This allows you to
daisy-chain units to further improve
headroom in bi-amped and even
tri-amped systems.
Simple styling belies the power and speed
of response available from this compact
S p e c i f i c a t i o n
8 0 0 0 M
Power Amplifier
Rated output power
Typical output power
Input for full rated power
Input impedance
Signal to noise
Frequency response (-3 dB)
Frequency response (±0.3dB)
Total harmonic distortion + noise
Dimensions (WxHxD - mm)
125 W per channel into rated load impedance (8), 200 W into 4
145 W per channel into rated load impedance (8), 240 W into 4
1.13 V rms
47 k nominal
29.0 dB at 1 kHz
Greater than 96 dB (relative to 0 dBW)
0.1 Hz - 75 kHz
20 Hz - 20 kHz
Less than 0.05%
445 x 74 x 337