Audiolab 8000AP Stereo Amplifier User Manual

Audiolab 8000AP – Pre-Amplifier
High End Digital Audio Processor with HDMI
IAG are proud to announce the launch of the new generation Pre amplifier – 8000AP from
Audiolab. The new HDMI enabled 8000 series ‘Audio Processor’ is a reference quality 7-
channel audio processor and preamplifier.
“An Audiophile approach to home cinema”
The Audiolab 8000AP offers superb quality audio processing and switching with capacity
for stereo and multi-channel analogue sources, co-axial and optical digital inputs and twin
HDMI inputs. Multi-channel HD audio can be passed via the HDMI connections from
appropriately equipped source components.
The emphasis is on high-quality audio offering an unequalled sound quality whatever
source is used. The Audiolab 8000AP Audio processor features the latest in Digital signal
processing; A dual core Cirrus Logic™ DSP with a 24bit front end and 32bit post
processor. ‘High End’ Digital to Analogue conversion is handled by 24bit/192KHz bit-
stream D/A converters with differential outputs, followed by phase linear active filters and
ultra low distortion analogue volume controls.
For details, please contact your audiolab sales representative.
IAG HiFi Division
July 2007