Audio Authority 985DTO Stereo Amplifier User Manual

The Model 985DTO adds optical digital audio output to
the common coaxial digital audio outputs available on our
other distribution amplifiers. Like other members of the
985 family, 985DTO modules can be cascaded to allow
virtually an unlimited number of television monitors to be
driven from a single source without picture degradation.
The ultra wide bandwidth of this product supports video
standards from today on into the future. The 985DTO can
also be used for RGB video distribution in video production
and duplication facilities.
Digital audio distribution complements the 985DTO’s
video capability by providing lossless transmission of
digital audio signals in both optical and coaxial formats
from the source to four audio control centers. Only one of
the digital audio inputs is necessary to support both optical
and coaxial output formats. Either digital audio input is
automatically converted to both optical and coaxial digital
audio output formats at each 985DTO amp.
When demonstrating audio equipment, such as HTIB
(Home Theater In a Box), one 985DTO may support up to
12 systems (eight HTIB systems with digital audio and
four additional systems with analog audio). To do this,
connect the coaxial outputs to four HTIB systems, and
How to Use Model 985DTO Distribution Amplifiers
connect the optical outputs to four more HTIB systems. The
stereo analog audio outputs may be used for HTIB systems
that do not have a digital audio input (e.g. many “all in one”
receiver/DVD combination units). As an alternative, analog
outputs may be connected to TV analog audio inputs (see
examples in Figure 1).
Single Amplifier Installation – Four or Fewer
Video Displays
Mount the 985DTO to a surface located near the video
displays and/or audio equipment. Use matched sets of high-
quality 75-ohm coaxial video cables to connect YCbCr or
YPbPr outputs of a component video source to the
Component Bus Input jacks of the 985DTO. (If composite
video is desired instead of component video, see Figure 2.)
Connect the digital audio output(s) of the source to the
985DTO Bus Input(s) using high-quality 75-ohm patch
cords (and/or optical cable). Use standard RCA patch cords
for analog audio.
Connect each video display to one set of 985DTO outputs
using matched sets of video patch cords. You may connect
the digital audio input of a sound system to either Digital
Audio output jack on the 985DTO.
985DTO 985DTO
A.Digital Audio (Coaxial)
B. Digital Audio (Optical)
C. Analog Stereo Audio
D.Component Video
Figure 1.
Video Source
HTIB System
and Speakers
HTIB System
and Speakers
Only A or B
input is needed
to support all
digital audio
Use only an Audio Authority
571-001 or 571-013 Power Supply.
Other supplies can cause damage
or reduce performance.
Stereo Analog Audio
HTIB System
and Speakers