Atlona 64 M Home Theater System User Manual

To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not
expose this product to rain or moisture.
If the wall plug does not t into your local
power socket, hire an electrician to replace
your obsolete socket.
Do not modify the wall plug.
Doing so will void the warranty and safety
This equipment should be installed near
the socket outlet and the device should
be easily accessible in case it requires
FCC Regulations state that any
unauthorized changes or modications to
this equipment not expressly approved by
the manufacturer could void the
user’s authority to operate this
Operate this product using only the
included external power supply. Use of
other power supplies could impair
performance, damage the product or cause
In the event of an electrostatic discharge,
this device may automatically turn off. If this
occurs, unplug the device, and plug it back
Protect and route power cords so they will
not be stepped on or pinched by anything
placed on or against them. Be especially
careful of plug-ins, or cord exit points from
this product.
Avoid excessive humidity, sudden
temperature changes or temperature
Keep this product away from wet locations
such as bathtubs, sinks, laundries, wet
basements and swimming pools.
Use only accessories recommended by
ATLONA to avoid re, shock or other
Unplug the product before cleaning. Use
a damp cloth for cleaning. Do not use
cleaning uid or aerosols, which could
enter the unit and cause damage, re or
electrical shock. Some substances may
also mar the nish of the product.
Never open or remove unit panels or make
any adjustments not described in this
manual. Attempting to do so could expose
you to dangerous electrical shock or other
hazards. It may also cause damage to your
AT-COMP-64M. Opening the product will
void the warranty.
Do not attempt to service the unit. Instead
disconnect it and contact your Authorized
ATLONA reseller or contact ATLONA