Atlantis Land A02-ANT0801 Stereo System User Manual

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Quick Start Guide [A02-ANT0801 /
The high gain indoor wireless omni antenna (hereafter called Indoor Omni
Antenna) is the ideal solution to extend the coverage and amplify the signal power
of your wireless network. Using 360° Omni directional features, the wireless
signals are transmitted in multiple directions for a broader coverage area. The
Indoor Omni Antenna is great for Wireless Access Point and Router that supply
wireless signals to multiple computer in multiple locations and it is simple and easy
to setup
System Requirements
2.4Ghz Wireless Network (IEEE 802.11b or IEEE 802.11g or IEEE 802.11n)
One Wireless Device with detachable external Antenna connector
Connector Type : Reverse SMA Female Jack
Package Content
Hi-Gain Wireless Omni Antenna with Reverse SMA Connector 1 Set
Quick Installation Guide 1 PCS
Before installing the high gain Indoor Antenna, please make sure the antenna of
the wireless device (i.e., Access Point, Wireless Router, Wireless PCI Card,
Wireless USB Adapter) is removable by examining the base of the antenna to see
if it is a screw on type. Please do not pull the antenna out by force as this will
damage the wireless device.
Step 1 : Remove one default antenna from the wireless device by unscrewing it
from the base and start to assemble!
Step 2 : Screw in the SMA Connector from the Indoor Omni Antenna into the
wireless device
Step 3: After the Indoor Antenna is attached to the wireless device position the
Indoor Antenna vertically to the desk or wall and choose the optimal location for
extending the wireless coverage area and best performance.
The antenna transmission range may vary due to many factors in the
environment or applications. Performance results will also be affected
from different wireless devices due to the variety of different brands
where the wireless router / access point may vary from one to the next.
If your Wireless Router/Access Point has two antennas, it is better not
to remove the second antenna. For optional performance, two
High-Gain Antenna should be used, pointed to different directions.
Concealing the antenna behind books, cabinets or other office
equipment may affect the performance of the wireless networks.
Use of any Antenna requires careful planning and extra consideration
to comply with EU emissions and health standards and regulations. It is
recommended that a qualified professional installer service be
consulted for site survey and proper installation. Antenna installation
must comply with the maximum level authorized by each country.
In most European countries the maximum equivalent isotropic radiated
power limit is 100mW* EIRP. When installing High Gain Antennas, the
user has to be sure the limits won't be exceeded.
High gain: 8 dBi(A02-ANT0801) & 5 dBi(A02-ANT0501)
High performance
Low profile
Smart and elegant style
270˚ Tilt-and-swivel design for best reception
Electrical Specifications
Antenna Type 2.4GHz 7 dBi Indoor Omni Antenna
Frequency Range 2.4 ~ 2.4835GHz
Network Specification IEEE 802.11b , IEEE 802.11g , IEEE 802.11n,
Wireless 2.4Ghz Network
Gain 8 dBi(A02-ANT0801)
5 dBi(A02-ANT0501)
V.S.W.R < 2.0
Beam Width-H Plane 360˚ (Vertical)
Beam Width-E Plane 40˚ (Horizontal)
Polarization Vertical (Linear)
Input Impedance 50 Ohms
Connector Reverse SMA Male Plug
Operation Temperature -10˚C : + 60˚C
Storage Temperature -20˚C : +65˚C
Humidity 95% maximum (non-condensing)