Ashly FTX-2001 Stereo System User Manual

The power amplifier, being of two channels, shall deliver a mini-
mum power of 300 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohm loads and
475 watts RMS per channel into 4 ohm loads, or 550 watts per
channel into 2 ohm loads with both channels operating. When
switched into bridged-mono mode, the amplifier it shall deliver at
least 600 watts into a 16 ohm load, and 950 watts RMS into an 8
ohm load. The amplifier shall be immune to damage from shorted,
open, or mismatched loads. The amplifier shall have a gain of 29
dB +/- .2dB per channel and an input sensitivity of 1.7 Volts +/-
2% for full rated output. Frequency response shall be 20Hz to
20kHz +/- .2dB. It shall be stable into any load, including pure
capacitors and inductors. Hum and noise shall be at least 105dB
below full output and SMPTE intermodulation distortion shall be
less than .01%. The amplifier shall have rear panel switching for
parallel mono and bridging modes and rear mounted level con-
trols. The inputs shall be of balanced bridging type with barrier
strip, 1/4 phone jacks, and female XLR connectors. A three-color
L.E.D type indicator shall be employed to show the power level of
each channel and self contained forced air cooling shall be used.
Each channel shall have a PROTECT LED which indicates an open
relay due to short-circuit, ultrasonic, DC, or turn-on delay. The
power output devices shall be of the Lateral MOS-FET type.
The amplifier shall weigh 53lbs net and mount in a standard 19
inch rack using three spaces (5.25 high). The power requirement
shall be 110-125VAC, 50-60-Hz. The power amplifier shall be an
Ashly FTX-2001.
FTX-2001 MOS-FET Power Amplifier
 Turn-on Delay
 Fuseless Short Circuit Protection
 U.L. Listed
 5-Year Worry-Free Warranty
 MOS-FET Output Devices
 Class-A Full Complementary
Front End
 Modular Construction
 XLR, 1/4", and Barrier Strip
 Stereo, Parallel Mono & Bridging
 LED Level meters
 Forced Air Cooling
 Perfect Overload and Square
Wave Response
 Stable Into Any Load
 Self Protecting Under Virtually
All Conditions
 Input Transformers Optionally
 PowerCard Input Option Ready